How to Edit Images Easily in WordPress using WP Paint Plugin

How to Edit Images Easily Using WP Paint Plugin

Do you want to edit images easily without leaving your WordPress website? Then this blog is just for you.

WordPress is the home for 34% of the World’s websites. Users from around the world using WordPress for their blogging, online business, portfolios, consulting, news, sports, and other websites.

And these websites need quality pictures that help the visitors easily carry the message. Pictures are a great way to capture users ‘ attention if we can adapt our content and images perfectly. For this reason, we use WP Paint to customize or edit our images easily.

In this blog, we will see how we can

  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Flip

in the WP Paint plugin. Also, learn what more WP Paint is offering.

Editing Images

In order to start editing your images first, you need to install and activate the WP Paint plugin.

From your WordPress Dashboard>>Plugins>>Add New. Search for ‘wp paint’.

Click on the Install Now >> Activate.

installing and activating wp paint
Installing and Activating WP Paint

After activating go to Media >> Library,

Select the image you want to edit and then click on the Edit Image using WP Paint to launch the WP Paint plugin.

learn how to start using wp paint, open wp paint, wordpress image editor plugin, picture editing
Learn to start WP Paint

Now, let’s see some of the editing tools, that we can use on WP Paint.


learn how to crop images on wordpress using wp paint plugin, easily crop images in wordpress, wordpress image editor plugin
WP Paint — Crop Tool

We can easily crop the image using the Crop tool from the Tools Box in WP Paint. It requires just a few seconds to do this. Follow the above example.


learn how to rotate images on wordpress using wp paint, rotate images in wordpress, wordpress image editor plugin
WP Paint — Rotate Option

Go to the menu bar and select Images >>Rotate to open the rotate menu. Rotate your image by dragging or choosing from the above options.


learn how to resize images on wordpress using wp paint plugin, resize images in wordpress, wordpress image editor
WP Paint — Resize Option

With WP Paint, you can re-size your images as required. Choose the Resize option from the Image menu. Resize the image by entering the width and height value or the percent value.

There are several modes, sharpening and layer options that you can try on your image.


learn how you can flip images on wordpress using wp paint, how to easily flip image in wordpress, flip image in wordpress
WP Paint — Flip Option

You can also find the Flip option from the Image menu. Flip your image vertically or horizontally.

Use WP Paint to apply blur, gradient effects. Check our YouTube video to learn how you can apply blur and gradient effects to your image.

It lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of your image. You can also change the theme from light, dark and green colors.

save image, restore image, wp paint, easily save images in wordpress, wordpress image editor plugin
WP Paint — Save and Restore buttons

Once you are done making changes on your image you can save it using the Save image button. If you want to start from the beginning then you can use the Restore image button.

Optimizing Images

The WP Paint plugin has a built-in feature that optimizes the images automatically. It reduces the size of the images without compromising their quality.


So, We have come to the end of this article, which tells you how you can easily use this plugin to crop, resize, rotate and flip images on WordPress.

We hope you liked it a lot, if you do, please try: Download WP Paint for Free!

If you want more features like stickers, filters, watermark, clone tool, revisions, inserting extra images from the pixabay, auto-adjust image brightness, contrast, RGB, etc then try WP Paint Pro.



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